About Doctorzone

DoctorZone is a free service for patients , allowing them to easily find and book an appointment 24/7 with an available doctor nearby that meets their needs. DoctorZone was founded in 2016 ,with the clear mission to connecting doctor and patients, Substantially improving the doctor discovery process for patients and helping doctor optimize their schedules.

Why Join Doctrozone?

Personal Web Pages

Every doctor listed in the “APP” is provided with a personal website pages filled with ample features to describe his/ her location, consultation hours, consultation fees, academic details, doctor photo, patient reviews, rating reviews etc.

Detailed Search Facilities

A patient can search for thousands of doctors based on various parameters like qualification, experience, location, consultation fee, Name, rating reviews etc to select the appropriate doctor suitable for his medical assistance.

Appointments online

A patient can book appointment online or simply by making a phone call to our call centre who will assist him in connecting the patient to the required doctor in getting appointment instantly.

Cancellation / Modification Alerts

Whenever a doctor has to cancel/reject appointments due to emergencies and and also can modify/reschedule of appointment according to time/ availability

Bulk SMS/Mails

Notifications alerts will be sent to the patients about their appointment minimum two times before the scheduled time of appointment so that the walk in rate will be constantly maintained or improved. This does not require any additional cost to be incurred by the doctor.

SEO Enability

Suitable keywords are included in the code so that the details of the relevant doctor appear upon Google search or related other search engines of particular doctor or specialization or decease etc.

Find Doctors near you

We have provided a simple way to search for a doctor near you. You can find a lot of essential information before you chose the doctor.

Book Doctor’s Appointment Online

You can book Doctor’s appointment online yourself instantly in select location , doctor name or by specialist , date , time and simple process to book appointment.

Get Reminder Alerts

Reminder alerts will be sent to the patients in the form of notification or phone to remind about their appointment or reschedule visit to the doctor.

Add Favorite doctor List

Patients can create favorite doctor list and book an appointment directly from favorite doctor list.

My Appointment

Patients all appointment record show in my appointment option so patient can check the all record data.

Doctor Category

All doctor category mention in Hindi/English Language so patients can easy search of specialist doctor.


DoctorZone is an online platform which allows patients to easily find and book an appointment with an available doctor nearby that meets their needs at any time and on any Android and Ios(Apple). Doctors listed on DoctorZone can optimize their schedule and interact with their patients.

Download the Doctorzone App on “Android” and “Apple” Version and Sing-up With Doctorzone App. Select your Criteria on the homepage (Search by Specialty, doctor name , city or doctor categories ) and select the date and time that suits you for an appointment and Enter a massage/Details and select the confirm and in a few seconds your appointment is booked ! You need to confirm/Reject /Re-schedule your appointment through a notification you receive .

As soon as you reach the “ Appointment booked successfully” step the doctor’s will receive a notification to confirm your appointment. The DoctorZone Team will follow up with doctor within 30-60 minutes if your appointment in not confirmed yet !

You can browse through various doctor profiles ( Including for Doctor specialty , working experience , Doctor Rating , doctor name , Categories) and select a doctor to book an appointment with based on their availability.

Absolutely ! “Free” Fast and Easy!

We are Expanding rapidly and may reach your city soon ! .

It’s Simple and Quick ! Your Practice could be listed on DoctorZone in the next 24 Hours ! Simply ! download doctor zone app and sign up simple process and enter about your practice and get start with doctor zone !

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